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If you are like most of my readers you are already a leader in your job, in your company, maybe even in your industry, in your community and definitely in your family. You feel responsible for the people around you and you want to lead by example. You give your best every day and you produce big results.

However, you feel you can be and do more. You want to be more productive in everything you do and you thrive to maximize the impact you have.

You know about the responsibilities that come with your role as a leader and you are committed to use it to positively influence the lives of the people around you.

This is what “Leadership” is to you.


Your team is proud to work with you and to have you as a leader in their organization. Your family and friends trust you and know that you are always there for them and they support you in return.  You create massive results in your professional life and you have amazing experiences in your personal life.

My guess is, you can relate to some of those scenarios described above. Some of those may be your reality others you may call your goals…

But there is something that is holding you back, isn’t it?


You know that this life is your ideal, this is what you really want but you don’t know how you can have ALL of that.

You know you want to improve your life but you don’t have a clear vision. Although you work with a lot of people often it feels those collaborations don’t bring the results you had expected upfront. Too often you run out of time and you miss important dates with your family. At some point it happened to you that e.g. you missed your sun’s football game, your daughter’s theatre play or that you forgot important anniversaries.

Often you feel you are constantly one step behind and only in reaction to outer influences. In general you miss working on tasks pro-actively and completing them on time or even before they are due so you would surprise the people around you. Let alone that you work on your dreams.

You don’t call it stress because you are an achiever but the general perception of this term would exactly describe your situation. You simply don’t feel good about it.

Can you relate to that?

I’ve been there, too.


I had my fair share of adversity in life as well. For years I had juggled a promising career as an engineering professional and my family with three children while trying to pursue my dreams and having time for myself. I wanted to have it all… And my success came at the expense of my family and my health.

It took a friend’s simple question if I was OK for me to realize what was going on in my life. As a consequence I had to consider some major changes and I restructured my life entirely. I became clear of what was most important to me and what I wanted achieve in my life. To do what I wanted to do I had to become a powerful leader. I realized:


Leadership is not a role you have.
Leadership is an activity.

— Mario Giraldo

My Transformation


For over 15 years I had worked as highly specialized structural engineer and project manager on large scale, international projects in the construction industry. Following my dream of turning my passion into a profession, I transformed from being an “engineer of structures and buildings” into an “engineer of people”. I became an Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Since then I have developed physical energy and dedication to my cause that I never thought possible. I regained deep and significant connection with my children and I now lead a wonderful and passionate relationship with my wife. I regularly reflect on my life and constantly work on improving myself in every area of it.

This doesn’t mean that I lead a perfect life and that I don’t have any challenges to deal with. It simply means I have learned to LEAD my life. I am very conscious about what is going on, I actively navigate “my ship” and I stay in control when the going gets tough.

Do you want to do the same?


Together with my team I typically help accomplished entrepreneurs and their organizations to develop structures and systems to be most productive and to give them the tools they need to become true leaders, use their full leadership potential, create outstanding results, have an impact and leave a legacy.

However, if you are NOT an entrepreneur but you still want to improve your life and become a better leader, I can guarantee that you are in the right place.

Read my blog, join my mastermind, attend one of my trainings – either online or live – or come to one of my next keynotes.

I promise you, you will get inspired, find new ideas and leave with the motivation to change and take back charge of your life…

To become a High-Performance Leader.
Mario Giraldo and Kane Minkus
Mario Giraldo and Alessia Minkus
Mario Giraldo and Johnnie Cass
Mario Giraldo and Marco

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