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Where are you right now?

You may be at a point in your life where you are looking for answers. You ask yourself if this is all there is in life. There may be some areas that you are really happy about and there may be others that could need some serious improvement.

Maybe you are very successful in your career and you get a lot of appreciation but your finances could be better anyway. Maybe you are financially set but you are struggling with your work-life balance and you feel exhausted every day. Maybe you simply don’t feel healthy. Or you have a strong body but you are disconnected from your family and friends.

No matter the situation and no matter the stage of your life, from time to time it is helpful to analyze where you are and how you feel. If you want to better anything, first you need to know exactly where you are starting from – what your current situation is like.


The Areas Defining Your Life

Basically these are the areas of life:

– Body and Health

– Friends

– Family

– Intimate relationship

– Spirituality

– Emotions

– Career

– Finances


In general, these are the areas that outline the lives of most of us. With these eight you can evaluate your private life, your business life, and your general well-being.

Certainly you are free to amend them. If you feel like there is one missing just add it.

The Wheel of Life

For the purpose of a visual representation, let’s put those categories on a circle and we divide it into eight sections. Each division represents one are of your life. Look at the graphic below. This is the “Wheel of Life”.



This visualization tool is very commonly used in coaching and it is a great exercise to create an image of the balance in your life. It shows immediately which area you should improve most urgently.


Your Turn

Now ask yourself the following question:

Where are you in each one of these areas of your life on a scale from 1 to 10?

Give yourself a 10 if you cannot imagine this area to get any better. You have achieved your goals and you even went beyond them. This is why you are absolutely thrilled about this part of your life.

If you cannot imagine being any lower in a certain area give yourself a 1.


Now take pen and paper and do this exercise. Sketch up the circle, divide it into eight sections, mark them and rate yourself from 1 to 10 and indicate your rating with a little dot. In the end you connect the dots.

If you are tech affine and you want your chart to look fancy, you can create a table with those categories e.g. in Excel and insert a Radar Chart.


The lines connecting the dots form some kind of circular figure which is called the “Wheel of Life”.

The shape of your wheel for example could look like this.


The Analysis

If your figure is almost circular and actually resembles a wheel – meaning all of your ratings range e.g. from 5 to 7 – your life is pretty balanced.

Now, if you have got a BIG wheel in front of you… Congratulations! Your life is balanced and you obviously strive in all areas. For this reason I would call you a high achiever and your life must be simply awesome.

If however you got a SMALL wheel… your life is in fact balanced but not very desirable. It would need some serious improvement and you should not waste one more minute to get started. Focus on one area of your life at a time, set yourself goals and work as hard as you can to improve it.

If the connected dots resemble only vaguely a circle, like in the image above, imagine the “wheel” starting to turn. What kind of journey would you expect with a dented wheel like that? Well, I would say a pretty rough one.   😉


Take Action

With this little visual representation it is easy for you to determine where you should put your focus on first. You need to get these dents out of the wheel. You want to experience a smooth ride. You want to feel balanced and lead a live life without major worries.

So, now get to work. Define your areas of improvement and set yourself goals. If you want to raise a certain area, let’s say from 3 to a level of 7, define what needs to happen or which results would you need to see in order to be able to rate it a 7.

It is best if you focused on one area at a time. Otherwise it is very likely that you get overwhelmed. To see fast progress, I recommend putting all your focus on only one area.

Which one is most important to you based on your Wheel of Life?

If your goal is too big and it would require several steps to achieve it, write down those individual steps. Break it down into bite-sized tasks which you will be able to complete faster and easier. To stay motivated your mind needs short-term achievements.

Once you have achieved one intermediate goal, go for the next one, after that tackle the next one and so forth. Doing this you will generate momentum. Even if you are overwhelmed at first, every stepping stone will give you more excitement, and you will gain more and more energy which will help you to stay on track. You’ll pick up speed the more you achieve and then… suddenly you will be there and you will have significantly improved that area of your life.

This is the time to celebrate. Be proud, be happy, enjoy your victory, and feel like a winner… because you are one.

Repeat his process as often as you want and until you can confidently say that this is the life you want to live.

Do this exercise at least every 6 months. Life constantly changes and so will the shape of your wheel.

Now go for it and have fun progressing your life.

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