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After a series of personal challenges I “rebooted” my life. I was doing and working nonstop without having a break. At first I thought I was on a role and on the way to be super successful but I confused busyness with progress. I had to understand that movement does not equal achievement.

I realized I did not lead my life. I was led by my life. I was in constant reaction to outer influences.

My big goal was to build something big, to change people’s lives and to have a major impact in the world. At this stage I still was very vague. However, I knew this was my vision but I had absolutely no idea how to achieve it.

So out of necessity I started to look for answers on a series of questions:

How can I take back control of my life and actively lead it?

What makes a true leader?

How can I become a better leader?

How can I be most productive and get the most out of myself?

How can I tap into my full (leadership) potential?

One day, on the way home after a particularly hard day at work I had a flash of a thought. Suddenly I saw that I have had all the tools and answers I was looking for at my fingertips the entire time.

For almost 20 years I have worked as a project manager on international, large scale projects. I realized I could use what I applied as a project manager and transfer it to my personal life. In the end, project management is all about leadership. Every day I had to lead my projects and the teams involved.


I had to decide which route to go, what to do and when to do it. I had to motivate the team, to inspire them to work in the project’s best interest, to draw their focus away from the little, needy, gritty issues and make them see the bigger picture.

Leadership is all about being in charge, anticipating situations and consistently following your vision (= the goal of the project). It is about forming teams, streamlining their focus and getting the most out of every single individual.

And the most powerful tool a project manager has is COMMUNICATION.


The most powerful leaders are all master communicators.


I got to understand that leadership and communication were the key to my personal AND professional success.

But leadership is not just a set of tools and techniques. Real leadership comes from within. To be most effective, a true leader has to master himself – his mind and his body. Therefore…

As a leader, to create outstanding results and to perform on the highest level, i.e. to maximize your leadership potential, you need to master all three elements of this formula. Together they define your leadership potential. I call them the:

  • Outer Potential
  • Inner Potential
  • Physical Potential
To become a High-Performance Leader you have to master all three.

Click here to learn more about your Full Leadership Potential and what each element means and how they are connected.


My mission is to help accomplished entrepreneurs and their organizations to develop structures and systems to be most productive and to give them the tools they need to become true leaders, use their full leadership potential, create outstanding results, have an impact and leave a legacy.


This website is all about YOU – you and your development to become a High-Performance Leader.


You will find free information in my Leadership Blog. If you are more serious we offer you a variety of ways to develop your leadership skills with powerful masterminds, trainings and one-on-one coaching. And if you want to have a fun, inspirational and insightful keynote  on leadership and high-performance for your event, just reach out to us.



Now I want to encourage you to join me on this jounrey. Let’s work together, let’s learn together, let’s strive for improvement and make this world an even better place together.


Live,   Love,   Laugh,   Learn.   Lead the Way   and    Leave a Legacy.

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