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Living a life without a vision is like driving a car without knowing where to go. You will end up nowhere. This article will teach you the five steps necessary to get your life back on track. You will understand the importance of having a vision and how you can start the process of finding one for yourself.


Something Is Missing

Imagine… you had the life you really wanted to have.

Every day is filled with happiness, fun, joy and laughter. You are successful in every sense of its meaning. You are successful in your career, your business is striving, selling is easy for you and you are the expert to go to in your network. You have deep meaningful relationships with your friends and family and also with your clients who became friends over time. You have a life partner who supports you and is there for you all the time. Your family and you are healthy and strong. Your body is a powerhouse. You are motivated and inspired every day and money is no more an issue. You live in abundance of everything.

How does this feel? Who feels good with this image in mind?

But I would believe that you also know the other side of life. I imagine you probably also know the feeling of being stuck.

You have experienced it before or maybe you even feel it right now. You are working and running and hustling and you just don’t get the results you are expecting. Whether it is your job or your personal life, whether it is your physical health or your relationships, there is this part of your life that simply doesn’t look like you had imagined it long time ago.

You know you want more and you know deep down that you can do, be and have more… but you simply don’t know how.

Maybe you are wondering, “How can I change this?”

Believe me, I have been there as well – like most of us have – and I can tell you from experience it is hard and it takes a lot effort, energy and motivation to get out of this rut… but I also know it is possible and it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.


What Does It Take?

There are five steps to follow to get your life back on track. In fact, these are the five steps to achieve any goal in life.

This is the Success Sequence:

1. Get into a strong state.

2. Energize your body.

3. Find a vision.

4. Create a plan.

5. Take massive action.


To get into a strong mental and emotional state and to energize your body are the two fundamental elements for changing your life but those two steps only give you “potential power”. You are missing direction and action.

The key to your success is number 3 – finding a vision – and it is also crucial that you follow this sequence in the correct order.

Living a successful life is like driving a car. It follows the same order. It doesn’t work if you mess up the sequence.

Let me visualize this to you with the help of a situation we all can relate to…

Imagine you are sitting in a car. Imagine it is a Ferrari. You feel the leather of the steering wheel and the seat embraces your body. Then you start the car and you slam the throttle. The engine is revving, the exhaust is screaming, the car is vibrating and ready to go… but nothing happens. You don’t move. You have all this power, far more than you would need, but you are not moving.
(>>> Step 1 + 2)

So you put it into first gear and you start driving.
(>>> Step 5)

At first it feels really good and you have fun but suddenly you realize you actually don’t know where you are and neither where you are going. You have no directions.

Then you have a great idea. You take a map, you open it, and you get all excited.
(>>> Step 4)

But somehow this excitement fast changes into confusion. You see there are so many places you could go but you have no idea where to. You notice you are missing something else.

Yes. You need a target, a goal, a specific outcome. You need a VISION.
(>>> Step 3)

Do you see now that you have to stick to the sequence?


The Key to Your Success

You have to know what you want and you must be clear about where you want to go.

This is something no one else can do for you. You have to find your vision yourself.

Get creative. Imagine it. Dream it. Decide where you want to go.

And here is the most important part. DREAM BIIIIIG – the bigger the better. If you don’t feel embarrassed telling a close friend or a family member, your vision is simply not big enough. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Know that you have unlimited potential.

Therefore, I cannot stress it enough. To live the life of your dreams you need to have a specific and clear vision, one that excites you, one that keeps you up at night and gets you out of bed in the morning; one that you think off all day long until you finally get to work on it again.


Your Leverage

Your vision will be the most powerful motivator to go after the life you want to live. With the right goal in mind, you will literally be pulled in its direction. Working on it will not feel like work. It will be pure pleasure and if there are tasks you have to do which you are normally not that excited about, you will not complain because those tasks are necessary and in the end you will be closer to your big goal another step. This pleasure weighs much more than the pain of doing what has to be done.

Having a vision is the most important part of living up to your full potential.


Take Action

If you think now, “I do understand the importance but I will do my list later. I am too tired and I don’t have the time at the moment.” I want to encourage you, PLEASE… don’t wait until later. The longer you wait the more reasons you will find why not to write down your vision.

Take out pen and paper and start writing. Start with any one area of your life. You may feel stuck in your head initially but you will see after three sentences you will come into a flow state. Your head will shut off and your heart will tell you what to write.  This is an exciting subject. Your brain will love this exercise. YOU will love this exercise.

Don’t think about how to write it best and which words describe best what you want to say. Just do it. Forget grammar and spelling. You must not interrupt this flow. You can do corrections later.

But most importantly, act now and get started. Commit to your life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it the BEST of your life.

Go for it and as always, have fun doing it.

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