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Reality Check

There are so many people out there who try to sell you the one key to find unlimited success or they want to teach you to simply think positive and you will get what you have always dreamed of. But there is no immediate success and there is not THE ONE SOLUTION that someone could sell you that guarantees you to become successful. There is no quick path and there are no shortcuts.

To become successful and make your dreams your reality – simply, to get what you want in life – most likely you will have to become a master in one or more areas.

Maybe you will need to learn a new skill, gain certain knowledge or become super creative. Perhaps you need to create more strength and energy within yourself.  To promote your product or service perhaps you have to become an excellent marketer and sales person. For the success of your project you may have to become a world-class communicator or you need to surround yourself with the right people.

Whatever it is that you want to do, there is only ONE THING that will get you there…


The Secret to Success: Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the true key to the life of your dreams and to get what you want to have.

As the very term implies, it starts with “oneself” – yourself. This means getting out of bed early and going to sleep late. It is organizing your life and structuring your day. You will have to find ways to be most effective, productive and not waste your time.

Stop looking for the easy way. Make your alarm clock your friend and find your drive, your passion and your determination.

It is a constant fight against your inner resistance.

If you want to get what others don’t have, you need to do what others don’t do.

(Les Brown)

You don’t need any particular talent or skill to get started. All you do need is self-discipline, take action and do the first step.

It is that simply.

But I promise you this… It won’t be easy. It will be difficult and demanding… and, yes, at times it might be very hard… but you’ll also see, it will be absolutely worth it.

All you need to do is to push yourself. Self-discipline is the force that makes you do things whether you feel like it or not. You will do it anyway.

And if you tell yourself, “I am simply not that kind of person. I am not that disciplined.” Know that this only is your subconscious mind talking. It is just an excuse. Your mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone. If you goal is important enough to you, you will do it and you will find a way.

If you really want to do it, you DO IT. There are NO EXCUSES.

(Bruce Nauman)

So ask yourself, is what you should or want to do really important to you? If the answer is yes then start acting on it – right now.

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