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How We Do It

I equip my clients with an “unfair advantage”… for them to succeed in their professional and personal lives

I share with them the knowledge I acquired during 20 years as an Engineering professional and how I managed to achieve peak performance, and life enjoyment in spite of a burnout as well as adversity in the workplace.

Mario Giraldo

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Winning Despite Adversity

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a post-graduate in Membrane Structures, I launched myself heart and soul into a career in Construction. With the promise of a bright future, little did I know what surprises were awaiting me, because nothing is ever the way it’s supposed to be. I went through personal challenges, a burnout, a career change while supporting a family with 3 children…
“My trainings and mentoring address the needs of performance-driven executives and entrepreneurs challenged with balancing the demands of life with a lack of time or energy to master their environment. I help them gain clarity in their goals and discover how to access their full potential”

Our key focus areas:
  • Overwhelming Workload
  • Lack of Global Vision or Clarity
  • Time Management
  • Prioritizing
  • Chronic Energy Deficit
  • Work-related Emotional Stress
Mario Giraldo

What We Do For Our Clients

Structured and organized, I train my clients to be goal-focused and self-disciplined. Too many small businesses and entrepreneurs lack the processes or structure, project management tools, vision, and even discipline to prioritize. This is a major stress factor that often leads them to live in reaction, gradually losing the ability to control their lives.
I leverage my many years in project management and in the construction industry to enhance my clients’ lives with structure and organization. I further boost my trainings with deep insights into work-related stress and how to overcome it.

What they say

Tomas Luquez

“I went to Mario because I wanted to get a healthier work-life balance. My workload was beginning to take over and my home life, health and productivity were all suffering as a result. Mario carefully coached me and finally I feel I have got a sense of balance back. All areas of my life have benefited from the clarity that I gained through Mario’s coaching approach. Getting what I wanted straight in my mind and guiding me to achieve my goals in realistic stages was particularly useful.
I really felt that Mario was listening to me – he grasped where I was and where I wanted to get to in my life. He then helped me to think clearly so that I could put in place the steps I needed to make positive changes and achieve my goals. I learned a lot about myself and the ways in which I could improve my working and home life. This has enabled me to get the healthy balance I need at this point in my life. I would thoroughly recommend Mario as a life coach to anyone who wants to make meaningful changes in their life and achieve more. Thank you, Mario”

Hector Tuminan

“I found myself in a situation where I felt I could no longer cope with the spiraling growth of responsibilities, decreasing help and resources, and tighter deadlines. Worked absorbed most of my life to the detriment of any other personal need I had… I was afraid to think that the profession that I loved so much suddenly had become a burden… Mario asked the right questions, and together we constructed a map of the various aspects of my work life that had contributed to my feelings of dissatisfaction… Mario was fantastic helping me to assess, plan, and execute a strategy to evolve professionally, move on to a new great position, and regain the work-life balance that I was lacking… My experience was nothing less than extraordinary, and I can say that I owe Mario the re-invention of my career as an Architect… I cannot stress it enough, the time you invest with Mario will be greatly rewarded.”

Eleni Sgouropoulou

“I was stuck in my job starting losing self-esteem and felling like moving further and further away from my original passion – architecture and design. I was getting desperate struggling to find my path to get out of this misery… Through Mario I learned that I am in control of my thoughts and the meaning I give things… By recognizing and understanding my Inner Potential I gained the energy and motivation I needed to change my life. I started to feel strong and powerful to take life on and I began to demand things rather than to wait for them to happen… If you want to do a major shift in your life and don’t know where to start, Mario is the person you need to be coached by.”

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